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Sherri Brown from Elegant Experience Event Planning and Catering

Sherri Brown

Elegant Experience Event Planning and Catering

"Tonya is very personable, caring and honest. She takes the time to hear you and understand you while directing you on how to achieve your goals and dreams."

A. Lisa Johnson from Maranatha Outreach Ministries, Inc.

A. Lisa Johnson

Maranatha Outreach Ministries, Inc.

"Wonderful person and very powerful motivational speaker."

Comments from students

►" I really enjoyed the course I learned a lot, the instructor was great.

►Keep up the good work!"


► The instructor was excellent in her efforts to work with all students

and made herself available for students. She went above and beyond.

►The instructor was extremely patient and concise with the lessons and

material. I enjoyed the way she breaks down the information in ways easy

to grasp. The class was interesting and I’m grateful

►She was wonderful would recommend her to everybody.

► I would recommend a friend

► The instructor was very knowledgeable in teaching our class.

She had all of the patience in teaching us as well very thorough

with all of our information.

► All I have to say is that if I had this instructor as a teacher

throughout my schooling I would have graduated Magnum cum Laudy!

Thank you! Thank you!

Ben 9-8-09

►She is an excellent instructor very knowledgeable great

rapore with class.

►She is an excellent instructor she does not just “teach” she ensures

her students have a good understanding of the subject and will not

proceed until EVERYONE understands the basic concept. Eleanor 9-8-09

►Instructor was very fair wanted us to learn and know what we learned

►The instructor is a good teacher. We had plenty of time to study

for test and the opportunity to ask questions if we were not sure.

►The instructor was Fair and Firm and was very understanding

of the student’s situation at work and at home.

►She was a good teacher and she did a good job couldn’t have

asked for a better teacher.

► She was very hopeful, kind and humble very supportive to the class.

►I love this instructor she is very knowledgeable teacher, very nice

“gotta love her”.